Nadine’s Bible (Book 1)

Experience the ballads of Nadine…a once Black slave girl during the 1800’s- turned intergalactic Super Heroine!

#Afrofuturism #SciFi #BlackSpeculativeFiction


Published by: Black Legacy TV

What if everything you were taught in school and theology about the human experience throughout history was one BIG, deliberate lie, driven by an age-old agenda to corrupt spirituality and establish a globally controlled European power establishment? Unfortunately this process would involve a long-term, tireless action plan to hide the truth of humanity's antiquity, and all of the knowledge this new world power has stolen from countless advanced prehistoric civilizations. I have compiled no-nonsense philosophical study guides, focusing on ethnic phylogeny, Kemetic prehistory, and the real antiquity of humanity- a source of reference and learning required in every Black conscious person's library.

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