Alien Monologues series book 1 (Sci-fi)

Nadine’s Bible (Book 1)

   A reimagining of the Creation story… never told.

   Meet the intelligent Higher Beings responsible for seeding life on Earth in their image- powerful, mysterious and alien in every sense. Some were good. Some were bad. Some are still here amongst us.

   The tale of Nadine will take us deep into the secret inner-realms of many Great Beings and creatures unknown, both terrestrial, and extraterrestrial alike. Some continue

to do good for Humanity, and others evil, as humans find themselves puppeteered through a false reality by these many Powers unseen.

   Humans, being the lowest physical life forms, look to the skies for Gods, Guardians and guidance. They’re all amongst us Disguised- mocking humanity from the shadows with varied questionable intentions for the fate of their human puppets.

   An unlikely savior of humanity’s freedom will rise- a hybrid of human flesh and that of a Great “Creator” Being. She is Nadine!

   The only real question remains. Whose ‘Great’ path will She favor? Good or evil?  Total control for future earth, and humanity’s freedoms, now lie with Nadine and Her rag-tag group of trusted alien cohorts.

    Rise, Nadine!



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