ABOUT: the “Star Seed”

About the Author

“I’m a science-fiction enthusiastic, and self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist. I wouldn’t call myself fanatical about the subjects, but rather enthralled by their plausibility.”

“I am a fresh-faced, new Indie author, with a hell of an imagination…and some really outrageous and true stories to share.”

Star Seed, was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and raised in Philadelphia. She is a Air Force veteran- and conspiracy theorist.
She is a science-fiction author that writes, edits, designs, publishes, and promotes her own work from start to finish.

Her interests include science-fiction and dark fantasy literature & film, traveling the United States, and spending quality time with friends and family. In her spare time she studies world religions, ancient history, forbidden archaeology and Ancient Astronaut Theorem.

   If you like the Amazons’ story, or any other works by this author, please let her know on the official FaceBook fanpage www.facebook.com/amazonsgenesis

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