Special Edition Hardcover of “Nadine’s Bible”: Book 1

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There’s a popular saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. In this pseudo-science fiction reimagining of the Anunnaki myth, nothing could be farther from the truth. The Great Mother created the perfect woman in Her image on Venus, and the Great Father created a perfect man in His image on Mars. When the Great Father and Mother began feuding over their creations… a Gender War began that would alter the galaxy, and all life within it, forever! Regardless of who won the war, the new generation of Gods and Goddesses, led by the Adam and the Eve, would eventually separate themselves, taking rule of Venus and Mars- biding their time to conquer the Earth and it’s new lifeforms in the name of their mighty Creator Parents. In the meantime, both sides are forming alliances with that of savage, cold-blooded extraterrestrial species, and desperate human factions, that are power hungry and starving to join the Intergalactic Council. There is unrest in the Cosmos, as since the day mankind was formed. Unlikely heroes will rise to calm the storm- led by a earthly heroine with a mysterious, and questionable, family tree.


Published by: Star Seed

“I’m a science-fiction enthusiastic, and self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist. I wouldn’t call myself fanatical about the subjects, but rather enthralled with their plausibility.” T. Lindsey-Billingsley, was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and raised in Philadelphia. She is an Air Force veteran, two-time college graduate, and Sci-Fi movie junky. She is also a nonfiction & science-fiction author that writes, edits, designs, publishes, and promotes her own works from start to finish. Her interests include science-fiction and dark fantasy literature & film, traveling across the United States, and spending quality time with friends and family. In her spare time she studies world religions, ancient history, and Ancient Astronaut Theory. These days she spends most of her time promoting her books, and brainstorming new ones. If you enjoy the Amazons’ story, or any other books by this author, please let her know on the official FaceBook fan-page at www.facebook.com/amazonsgenesis Visit the Fan-Page to learn more about this author and her motivations as a writer. Also, feel free to post book reviews in the comments, share the page with like-minded friends, and interact with the author regularly.

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